Monday, February 11, 2008

Dinner at Northam Beach Cafe#2

Mama Chow and Papa Cow. Below is Ikan Panggang - grilled stingray.
Nachos from Cantina Mexicana - it wasn't quite Tex-Mex, it wasn't quite authentic. I think he was swaying towards the authentic and I understand it might be an uphill battle to produce authentic nachos for under 10 ringgit - we were left somewhat confused. We liked the fresh veges but ultimately, the flavours didn't quite deliver.
Mama Chow digging into a pot pie while Papa Cow stares ahead, disinterested.
More food love: Taka & Mag devouring Fried Tang Hoon and German Sausages & Mash. Everyone rated the German fare. Not pictured was the excellent poh piah and top favourite Hokkien prawn noodle. Our total tally for the night was nine types of dishes: eleven servings between four. Even I felt like I needed to start an exercise regime. But because I don't know what exercise is supposed to be, it didn't really go nowhere.

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