Thursday, February 21, 2008

Western Food

Do you ever think to yourself, damn I want some of what those white folks eat? Well, we do sometimes here too and when we get that craving, we reachin for some Western Food. Because the white folks, they come from the West and they usually have a big meaty something with a side of french fries and coleslaw. This is the pork chop, a little on the lean side for Min. Her favorite is the Chicken Special but she tried something new, sometimes your gamble doesn't pay off.
This is the box containing my takeaway dinner.
I want to tell you that this was very good. I know this looks like regular breadcrumbed fish and chips but it was fine. Note the lime wedge and the plastic on the right containing a lot of tartare sauce. We can all use a lot of tartare sauce. When I think about fish and chips in NZ, which is a national institution I understand, but I wish it could be a little more like this - crisp, fresh, obviously as heart-attack-inducing as the next battered deep-fried thing but doesn't taste like it. I didn't need to drink a lot of beers at the beach, or be semi-desperate to desire this and that's something to be said for Western Food.

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