Monday, March 7, 2011

A Bowl of Calm at Aunty Lan's, Kota Damansara

Home renovation is tiring work. Scouring through brochures for endless options on fittings and other homely but not-entirely-necessary acquisitions, wandering through stores, listening to one sales spiel after another - bleeds you dry, no joke.

Of course, what utterly cripples you is writing the contractor cheques for progress payment. And hearing the frail plastic wail of the old credit card as the big ticket items get swiped. Why do things cost so much? Why do we need all these things?

Lest you think I'm less than ecstatic about how close I am to moving in, let me reassure you that it's all good, and I am very happy to have groped along this far, and very excited about the changes in store the next couple of months.

But while I deliberated the incremental damage to my measly estate and state of mind, I had to make a frenetic effort to go easy on the pocket and seek a moment of serenity, in an economical yet wholesome lunch.

Aunty Lan Diet Vege Noodles was a salubrious pick after yet another harried morning of deliberating options galore. Vegetables, anchovies, nuts - essentially ingredients of a Lui Cha -were served with choice of either noodles or vermicelli in a steaming bowl of murky, nourishing soup. Toto, who had been feeling somewhat feeble from eating junk lately, enjoyed this to the last drop.

I had some trouble deciding - the recommended soy sauce chicken noodles sounded good but I was all fowled out, having cleaned up two whole fried chicken legs the day before. Settled for the homemade mushroom pork ball noodles - cringed a bit that they got my order for the dry version wrong but the soupy bowl probably worked out better in hindsight with the hand-pinched noodles.

We picked the homemade bean curd as a side dish to share. This is difficult for me to rave about - I mean deep fried bean curd is deep fried bean curd is deep fried bean curd. It was easy enough to munch on but we could've done with a smaller order.

They have quite a selection of homemade desssert, from tong-suis to a staggering variety of cheesecakes. This cooling honeydew longan concoction too was super-fine for a hot day.

At just RM27 for a staggering meal for the two of us, I regained some sense of Sunday calm before the next wave of ka-chingsss descended.

Aunty Lan Homemade Noodles
Jalan PJU 5/10
PJU 5 Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara