Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr.Chow & Ollie

Lunch: Nasi Melayu at Lay Hong, Jalan MacAllister#4

Chicken Curry with Potatoes
The emptying of excessive takeaways
Chicken in Tomato Gravy

Lunch: Nasi Melayu at Lay Hong, Jalan MacAllister#3

Massive potato in super-hot gravy.
Green beans with eggy bits - yum
Deep-fried hard-boiled egg in sambal.
Assam Ikan, bring on the kuah!
Fried fish below.

Lunch: Nasi Melayu at Lay Hong, Jalan MacAllister #2

A barrel-ful of steaming rice.
If you think about it, this is a tres insane, though no doubt fullfilling operation. Imagine waking up every morning to whip up a gazillion dishes - how do you do it?Absolute champs and they're lovely too!
Taka's last lunch: carrying the takeaway load home
Petai curry. Petai is so intense, it's so great.

Lunch: Nasi Melayu at Lay Hong, Jalan MacAllister

The lunch spread at the friendliest Nasi Melayu stall in town. I'm in heaven, it smells beautiful - it's hot, it's busy and the staff somehow manage to still be cheery and helpful. Fried eggs in gravy, fried fish, Assam fish. It is ALL GOOD. ALL GOOD.
Those massive things towards the left bottom corner are potatoes, massive entire potatoes in ultra hot sauce.
Fish Head

Breakfast: Papa's takeaways

Pau Pau. with Porky feelings. fillings. But I think they feel porky. and puffy. Featuring: Lam Yee Pau, Char Siu Pau, Mini Tai Pau. Source: unknown, Papa Chow's purchase from secret location.
Loh Mai Kai.
Tu Kar Chor: Pig's trotters cooked in vinegar.
Prince Ollie, resting calm in Taka's arms.
Adaptive for Eve & Kate at the doctor's clinic.

Post Dinner Treats at Baskin Robbins

Taka in Bee Hooi, after enjoying his favorite Char Koay Teow, & Assam Laksa. But we of course chose to go to Bee Hooi for its Ice Cream proximity.
Mama Chow vehemently refuses an offer of Jamoca Almond Fudge from Papa Chow at Baskin Robbins. A winning performance.
Taka overcome with his treat.
My junior scoop of Pistachio Almond in a cone. Y'know this tastes fake as hell but I don't care. There's something in there, it sure as hell isn't pistachio but it tastes pretty good.

Taka's last Dinner: Bee Hooi, Pulau Tikus

O-Chien, aka oyster omelette, I want to vouch for the perfection that is this plate of O Chien. It is an asolute travesty that this stall is as neglected as it is, we should be queuing for this around the block. If you're in the neighbourhood, you know where I think you should go. The oysters are massive, juicy, fresh, this is expertly fried. For even the most hardened O Chien advocate, the oiliness can be difficult to overcome when say, you are down to the last quarter of the plate, the temperature has cooled therefore the oiliness becomes more apparent - I want to say that I gladly ate the very last morsels on this plate, it just didn't matter. And I could have kept on going. The o-chien team deserve massive props, please do yourselves a favour and go eat it. Will not disappoint or you can pelt me with rocks.
It is calling out for you.
My rather weird meal for the night failed to excite as much as the o-chien. Assured by M.Chow this was a reliable choice, I was rather disappointed - the rice was dry, the chicken was stringy. Perhaps it was a bad day, but for a momentary meatarian, this just did not cut it at all.
The ever-lovely Mama Chow

Papa Chow's Takeaways

Chicken Curry
Tau Eu Bak: full points for Tau Kua immersion, it had fully absorbed the flavour of the soup but retained its texture. The hard-boiled eggs had fallen apart a little, but otherwise, so so good.
Soya Sauce with chopped garlic and chilli.
Greens. of some kind. Stir-fried. With Garlic.

On my way home, I meant to photograph the election ephemera all around but didn't manage any, like, visible shots. So here's a motorcyle rider with multiple baskets instead.

Breakfast: Bah Kut Teh at Parma Cafe, Burmah Road

Yam Rice to go with our mighty stew.
Ciku on the left, who uttered the words, "I like Bah Kut Teh very much", exactly in that configuration. Parma's is one of his favorites, spy the yow za kuai on the left, the mighty BKT soupy stew, and two bowls of chopped garlic and chillis for our soya sauce.
Soup + Pai Kuat + Yam Rice = Hearty Cina Meal.
Very generous portions, a lighter broth. The kettle below sits on a charcoal stove on a wheelable trolley, we help ourselves for refills for our tea and to clean our cutlery.

Lunch At Home

Freshly Fried Inchi Kabin eaten with the sauce below: a mix of worchestershire sauce, horseradish mustard, shallots, chilli. Tres Bien
Soup of the Day featuring a light broth with pork meatball, black ear fungus, cabbage and celery leaves.

Lunch Prep: Inchi Kabin

After our recent dissatisfied turn at Hainan Town, where the Inchi Kabin was perhaps the greatest disappointment; Mama Chow wanted to show how it's done. Frying in oily glory, the Nyonya fried chicken is first marinated with curry powder over night.
Mama Chow & Snarly-Hua
The Masterful Papa Chow at the Fry-station