Thursday, February 7, 2008

CNY Reunion Dinner at Nyonya Cafe, New World Park

Left to right: Papa Chow, Taka, Mag & Mama Chow. This is us trying to kill time while waiting for dinner to be served. It was an extremely busy night at the restaurant, others were also forgoing the traditional feast at-home for a fuss-free meal out. The downside was waiting. A long time. Sipping on Nutmeg Juice and overpriced (supposed) 20-year-old tea.
The upside: Nyonya yumminess. The six of us polished this off within 10 minutes. Min timed us, we were starving by the time the food arrived. Clockwise from front left: Poh Piah, Loh Han Chai, Prawns, Curry Kapitan (Chicken), Kangkung Belacan, Otak-otak and Ikan Gulai Tumis.
Closeup of Ikan Gulai Tumis: Killer gravy - lemongrass, tomatoes, mint leaves, all kinds of goodness, worth the wait...
Deep-fried poh piah with worchestershire sauce. In spite of it being a crazy night for the restaurant, every dish delivered, and then some (apart from the Loh Han Chai).

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