Monday, February 25, 2008

Dinner at Yars/Top Top, Midlands

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant called Top Top which existed alongside another restaurant, Tip Top.
Top Top and Tip Top both served
Western Food. One day, Tip Top went away and Top Top went along with it. For many years, there were no Top Top and Tip Top. But recently, quietly we heard that Top Top had made its way back into town and now was calling itself, inexplicably, YARS. Like SARS but with a Y-. YARS is now located in a house in Midlands, presumably it's YARS'. (Tip Top with new moniker has not as yet emerged in the neighbourhood.)
The incomparably photogenic Ciku.
Chicken Mince: Min's order is a specialty consisting of a mashed potato faux-crust, chicken & mixed veges with gravy. It was comforting.
Black Pepper Fish: My order; truth to be told, I probably should have stuck to the more generic Fish And Chips. The black pepper sauce did not complement the fish, it felt like fish that aspired to chicken-ness.
Taka ordered the Roast Chicken which came with slices of watermelon. Good.

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