Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunch at New World, Swatow Lane

Dericious Yam Cake topped with dried shrimps and spring onion. So good I kept eating despite Mama Chow's protests because my thumb was still gross.
Chee Cheong Fun - ok but it doesn't quite compare to my favorite Ah Pek at Pulau Tikus pasar.
Close-up: this was so good, I think about a thousand shrimps died for this garnish.
Chai Koay - I didn't manage to try this, these dumplings don't usually float my boat, they were all finished up which is a good sign considering our excessiveness. The thing with chai koay is that I see them as an oversized dim sum variation, I don't exactly understand the size.
Bak Chang - glutinous rice dumpling
I thought this was good, extremely lardy but Mama Chow tells me that it's a necessary evil.

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