Monday, February 25, 2008

Mama Chow's Claypot Rice

Mama Chow's Claypot Rice in Claypot: cooked like risotto, this particular version is cooked ith shitake slices, chicken, soya sauce, oyster sauce and other secret ingredients she is unable to divulge at the moment because she is helping to bathe Baby Ollie.

Garnished with spring onions and Mama Chow's home-made chilli sauce.
The Shokubutsu Lesson: Shower Foam Refill Packet
Shokubutsu is Malaysia's preferred shower foam, or is advertised as such on the refill packet. It is also Papa Chow's favorite and the only shower foam he uses; hence he is well-practiced in the art of emptying a refill pack of Shokubutsu Shower Foam. He instructs me to first, cut well below the indicated line of the left tip of the pack and proceed emptying into a dispenser bottle. Second cut along the side of the packet in order to access the remaining foam, you can then reach inside the pack and smear some foam on your hands for your showering needs when need be until you have exhausted the pack's FULL contents.

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