Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meatness of Forum

Lunch: Dim Sum at Forum in Island Plaza. The yum-ness displayed on the left is Fried Radish Cake, like a posh Char Koay Kak, the ends of the bean sprouts are trimmed & you get chunky fishy bits and crunch fresh prawns. The pan-fried radish cake chunks had a crunchy, almost flaky exterior and a soft centre with bits chinese sausage. Mucho Tasty.
Steamed Rice Dumpling? Wrapped in Lotus Leaf: This is definitely territory I have not ventured into for the past 11-12 years. Dad enthusiastically offered me half of his and I overcame my tentativeness and dove into this meat-infused goodness.
Stif-fried veges with garlic - we don't usually do minimal but again, a top dish.
Century Egg porridge garnished with flaky bits & spring onion.
Warm Braised peanuts for starters. Perfect Texture.
Century Egg porridge garnished with flaky bits and spring onion much appreciated.
A half-eaten dumpling filled with roasted peanut, celery, porky bits &... dotted with chilli oil. To the dark side....
Deep Fried Chee Cheong Fun served with Peanut Sauce: this was great, but because it arrived last when we were all tummied up, it was not as fully savoured as it should have been.
Top Marks to Forum. We are tummy-satisfied.
Disappointments: Nil
Happiness: Aplenty

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