Wednesday, February 6, 2008

End Of The World #2, Teluk Bahang

As Min started getting shifty on the faux/real marble seats at the pier, we made a quick move to the End of The World Seafood Restaurant, the main event of the evening. Ciku had wanted to take us to another restaurant but it was closed for CNY prep. Taka waves from entrance to Seafood Gluttony.
One of the hits of the evening: Curry Prawns with ladyfingers and tomatoes. Beautiful prawns, flavourful but not overpowering curry - perfectly complementary.
Deep-fried Mantis Prawns - this was a puzzlement of sorts. It tasted like Deep-Fried Lard? I imagine - a lot of crunch, I'm not sure I came closer to understanding the appeal of mantis prawns. This is a favorite of Min's so perhaps she might enlighten us on the simple joys of crunching through something.
Clams. I am not sure I entirely understand either. They were freshness, I'm sure.
Crab - Possibly the biggest hit of the evening, the crab delivered on all crab-eating fantasies counts. It was difficult work, it stressed out our dentures no doubt but we pried every stubborn slither of crabmeat away from each joint, tip, shell, etc etc like proud savage creatures. Poor pregnant Mag could not join in the fun, I am sure Baby Ollie will be grateful for no crab-induced upsets.

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