Tuesday, February 5, 2008

El Gran Carne!! Meaty Adventures In Malaysia

Breakfast:not a very meaty start, we begin with two sliced guavas with sour plum powder as accompaniment. Taka, my newly-arrived brother-in-law opted for french loaf buttered on the top side with scrambled eggs.

Lunch: MaaRoy Thai at Lorong Abu Siti. Much meatier but not very good pictures. The Star Dish/pick was Steamed Siakap with Lemon - subtle yet flavourful which is unfortunately not captured via photography. Dishes clockwise from front left are: Stir-fried veges, Pork in Brown Gravy, Stir-fried Brocolli w Prawns, Dry Chicken Curry, Som Tum with one Prawn Cake left in the middle. Two ladies in green are mum & min.

Dinner: After an abandoned excursion to seafood-fest in Teluk Bahang because of pre-CNY traffic madness, we decided to stay home & play scrabble & polish off the two bottles of wine I brought home. Our game was not exactly on but we snacked crazy on murukkus, pringles, nuts (a lot of nuts consumed), chips. Then mummy came home from shopping with daddy and proceeded to deep-fry us chicken nuggets and wedges - this would've been exclusively party-food pedigree when we were kids. Now, intoxicated in adulthood, mum voluntarily indulges us with fried foods. It sure is nice to be spoilt. Picture features Excited Min with said Scrabble game w fried goodies & Roast chicken which still felt too icky fo me to touch.

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