Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Breakfast: Mag bought me some Curry Noodles from the Pulau Tikus morning wet market. Yum.
Mama Chow prepares a special lunch at home: Hakka dish 'Suan Pan Zi' which means abacus. It's meant to symbolize incalculable, infinite, endless wealth. Mama & Papa Chow had spent the previous evening crafting little tong-yuen-sized yam balls for this dish from yam & flour + some ruthless pounding, shaping and boiling. Some ingredients pictured here - sliced shitakers, coriander, minced pork, prawns, teelseed oil, white pepper.
The fry-up begins, garlic & thin cuttlefish strips.
Doughy yam balls pictured above. Excellent texture, delish! Well done, Papa & Mama Chow!

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