Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post-Dinner Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins

Ever since Taka got here, our collective ice-cream consumption have gone up 500% Never one to miss out on an ice-cream opportunity, we have dubbed him the Ice Cream Boy. My pick for the night was Love Struck Strawberry which featured chunks of strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, strawberry sorbet.
Taka enjoyed the German Chocolate Cake in a waffle cone. He said the regular cone required "technique" - which is especially true here, the propensity to melting often outdoes the speed of your surface-area coverage. So this is a good strategy for prolonging your pleasures.
Chrysanthemums courtesy of Ciku for the new year have been colonized by ambitious architecture-savvy aphids? They have somehow managed to construct this intricate web-like structure that covers and spans three chubby blooms. I had noticed what I thought to be some cellotape stuck to one flower and I was about to remove it, when I realized it was a thriving metropolis I was about to tear off.

The Indonesian Embassy: the view from Mag's hospital room at the Adventist Hospital.

Lunch: A subdued but sufficient affair

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