Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunch Buffet at Sarkie's Corner, E&O Hotel #3

Plate#4: The crispiest heavenliest roti canai with gravy and two satays with peanut sauce. Apparently the satay veered towards the excessively sweet, having not eated satay for about a decade, I didn't really notice. The roti chef seriously deserves an award.
Another award-deserving chef was the tall-hatted pictured on the back left with his back turned towards us - producing very praise-worthy char koay teow. The supremely good roti chef is on the far right. In front, we have the unmanned ais kacang stall.
Assam Laksa - Min rated this as so-so.
Chef shaving ice onto a bowl of ais kacang.
Topped up with syruppy goodness and condensed milk.

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