Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Banana Leaf at Passions of Kerala, Irrawady Road

Mine. All mine. With infinite top-ups. For RM$5. This is entirely vegetarian. From top left: featuring sweet potato curry, mango chutney, vege, tofu curry(cut out) and gravy of coice on rice. I don't know how you feel about sweet potato/mighty kumara etc - but I'm not usually a big fan - I tend to find the sweetness unsettling in a savoury dish. This, however, was not sweet - so we might have our roots mixed up - it was cooked in a coconuty gravy, the texture of the potato matched perfectly. It was extremely flavourful yet it still retained a lightness - I think it's quite a feat to make such a dense vegetable taste so light.
Deep-fried bittergourd - another revelation. For those unable to comprehend the charms of the bittergourd, this is the best place to start. It minimized the bitterness without compromising, if anything emphasized the distinctiveness of its taste. Very very good.

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