Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day: Baby Ollie's Arrival & the 9th day of the Lunar New Year

Mama Chow waits anxiously outside Labour Delivery rooms; we weren't allowed in so we had to contend with standing outside while hearing the nurses urging Mag to pushpushpushpush, somemoresomemoresomemore. Mag & Baby are both good and healthy. 12 hours of labour, 3.1kg Ollie arrived at 10:37pm. Note that Mama Chow is wearing the Karen Walker breast cancer T-shirt because she thought the upside-down dog print might help Baby Ollie to tip out.
Mama & Papa Chow, Min & Ciku, all trying to catch a glimpse of Baby in the Baby rooms. Sorry no Ollie photos yet - we didn't want to flash/traumatize him so I only videod him.
On our way home, most Hokkien households had started the 9th day worship of the God of Heaven. My neighbour had a more austere version outside their home - others were more elaborate with bamboos, banners, abundance.

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