Monday, February 25, 2008

Dim Sum Lunch at Forum#2

Insides of Rice puffball, egg yolk and porkiness.
Black Bean Dumpling with sesame seeds.
A typical meal at a confinement home. If confinement home sort of sounds like prison, it sort of is, but exclusively for new mothers. And exclusive as in expensive. Maguro did some time here recently but has managed to negotiate a lesser term for herself. Meals are heavy on the ginger and pork, the healing foods for a recovering mother. It is better to keep some things concealed, and it must serve as some consolation, however dire your situation might be, you do not have to endure a one-month diet of ginger and pork after enduring a painful childbirth. In some cases, and I am not making this shit up, you are also not allowed to shower, you are also not allowed the luxury of air-conditioning or the fan, in this tropical heat for that entire month. Lest it, horror of horrors, cools you down.

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