Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunch from Chang Yen & Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Some of the lunch spread at Chang Yen vegetarian restaurant, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus at 2pm post-nail-extraction. I make special mention of the time because this would look far more abundant and enticing at peak lunch hour, but probably impossible to photograph. Check the fried faux-sunny-side-ups on the left. Didn't try those. One of my favorite vegetarian joints in Penang.
My takeaway box from Chang Yen : rice heaped with from left: browny unknown tasty vege, chai boey, kangkung belacan and squashed in right top corner is vegetarian fish curry. Family remarked this wasn't photo-worthy, I know but it tastes so good I just want to give it props.
Auntie Anne's Soft Hand-rolled Pretzels at Gurney Plaza: Because the Parking Paymachine was rejecting our notes (again), I thought it was a sign for me to buy some heavenly pretzels and y'know, get some change.
Sesame, You have heart of Me.
They reluctantly gave us some change and I went away happy chomping on pretz.

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Rebecca Saw said...

saw this label on Chang Yen on ur blog.... i stayed very near-by so it was my lunch hunt back then. It's quite reasonably priced and the taste aint bad. Atr would be Green ..err (can't rmbr) on Cantonment Rd oppo Maybank. I do like Luk Yee Yen on Macalister Rd too.