Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bunga Raya, New Lynn, Auckland NZ #2

Assam Snapper in all its glory - a beautiful fish with a beautiful gravy. Someone posed the question if this version was better than KK's (our other favorite Malaysian restaurant in Epsom), I think Fab put it best when he said that it was a different kettle of fish, different consistency, different kind of gravy - they weren't exactly comparable to each other. But he personally preferred KK's coconut-rich thicker gravy, but the lemongrass was fresher at Bunga Raya's? I don't know how his palate distinguishes this but hail Fab. I really enjoy both myself.

More fish. Tummy satisfaction tick. I'm definitely going back to try the lunch menu. If you're in Auckland, check it out; bookings essential - 2/3062 Great North Road, ph 8278666. If you care, Peter Calder digs it too

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