Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bunga Raya, New Lynn, Auckland NZ

The highlight of my Easter was dining at this Malaysian restaurant out in New Lynn with Liyen, Fab, Lydia & Tahi - thanks my fellow rakyat for tucking in with me.

Above is the XO Squid, deep-fried with XO Sauce and dried chillies.

Scrumptious batter. I think Tahi tried one of the dried chillies, on purpose, and started suffering and sweating profusely.

Plum Sauce Chicken with pickled vegetables. I know Plum Sauce Chicken seems like such an Ang Mor compromise when you are desperate for Rasa Malaysia - but this was a seriously good dish. The chicken was perfectly fried, ultra-good sauce and well-complemented by the pickled cabbage/carrot. And yes I ate chicken even though I'm in NZ but once I am in a Malaysian restaurant, it is technically Malaysia by culinary definition.

Eggplant Sambal, good texture. I reheated the leftovers at my workplace cafetaria three days after the dinner and it was still yummy - pungent though for a sterile cafetaria.

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