Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soursop & Lunch at Laksania, Burmah Road

My first Soursoppy or Ang Mor Lu Lien, the Caucasian Durian. Unlike most things with an Ang Mor prefix, the soursop is actually quite intense. Fragrant with a soft, squishy fibrous texture, it's not the easiest fruit to physically eat but has a rewarding particularity. Like the durian, the soursop also has its seasons and evidently, we're not quite there yet but I had begged mum to locate this fruit, as I have long been a fan of soursop juice and ice blocks.

Takeaway Hokkien Mee that I had to grudgingly make do with because Joki Road Nasi Lemak was closed for breakfast. Four days prior to my departure, this blow is a little difficult to stomach.

Minchy was kind enough to meet me up at Laksania by Giant on Burmad Road to help tick off my must-eat list before my imminent departure. Pictured is the Assam Laksa.

Fishy close up

Sides of shrimp fritters and crunchy poh piah + worchestershire sauce. Excellent crunch. Note the edited cili padis on the poh piah plate.

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