Friday, March 7, 2008

Batu Lanchang Pasar #2

Two-tone Mama Chow selecting veges

The produce at this pasar just looks beautiful, beautifully arranged, beautifully grown, beautifully fresh. Pandan, you, my favorite leaf, you.

Purchase of Yam - the purpose of this pasar trip, was to acquire the ingredients to make the longed-for and as-yet untasted Lum Yee Kow Yok pork/yam dish for the brattish majesty that is me. On top of caring for post-natal Mag, Ollie and the entire family, poor Mama Chow has been guilt-tripped into making this laborious dish for Big Brat. Sam Hap, you could have spared us all this! And also, why doesn't anyone else in this town make this dish? We called about 20 cantonese restaurants. Oh yea, it's tres laborious. That might have to do with it. Thanks mom.

Pomfret for Post-Natal Fish. She eats this almost every meal with a heap of fried ginger strips.

More Fish. Possibly not Post-natal Friendly.

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