Friday, March 7, 2008

Lunch at Cititel's Japanese Restaurant

We had intended to go to old-school Cantonese restaurant Sam Hap on Carnavon Street for lunch because it was the only place we knew to serve Lum Yee Kow Yok, a Cantonese pork/yam dish specialty, somewhat of a rarity in a Hokkien-heavy town. This was not to be as Sam Hap was, inexplicably closed, on a Saturday lunchtime. We recovered quickly from the disappointment by retreating to the tried and true, the reliably excellent Japanese restaurant in Cititel.

Onsen Tamago Sarada: a half-boiled egg, croutons, cruncheroos - an exquisite salad.

I made the rather generic choice of katsudon - the humble combination of pork chop on rice was beautifully executed. Papa Chow loved this, exclaiming, "How do they make this so good?!!"

A tiny side-dish of roasted brinjal with sesame sauce - perfect texture.

Chawan Mushi - perfectly executed again, but both Min and I were at the end of our tummy fill by the time we had proceeded to this and struggling to make a clean sweep.

The set in full. I love this restaurant. Easily one of the best meals of the trip. Didn't worry about missing Sam Hap a bit.

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minchow said...

You should know that upon a return entry this week, Papa Chow has found that Sam Hap is closed permanently. No more Sam Hap. Papa Chow is a sad boy.