Thursday, March 6, 2008

Multi Electric, Off Kimberley Street

Encountering this on the way back to the car after laksa felt like a sure sign from God. I had to enter into Multi Electric Wonderment in spite of expired parking duration.

I thought, wo Daif's new best friend. If only we weren't so geographically determined.

My new paintings. Thanks I think they're great too.

There is a string of pineapple lights strung across the shop that I immediately decided must be procured for KBC. They were unfortunately out of stock and I couldn't make the man part with any bit of his stunning display. Consolation was to be found however, note top centre-ish of photo is a sparkling single pineapple. The man drove a hard bargain. Or rather I tried to but he just wouldn't relent. So rather than 3, I got like one. I told mum of my failed bargaining and she said I should have said that Chinese New Year was over and pineapples were now effectively value-less and he should be so happy that I would even consider the purchase hence I should have them at half-price. And I felt fully ashamed of my pitiful attempt, there is still so much to learn from my mother. Always.

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