Saturday, March 8, 2008

Breakfast in Pulau Tikus

This kopitiam is just across from Bellisa Row on Burmah Road. To start: we have roti canai and dhal. Min resented the readily-torn roti, I am with her on this - we really should get the roti and decide what to do with it ourselves. Nevertheless, very good roti and dhal, all is forgiven.

Wan Tan Mee & Lam Mee stalls, apparently everything in this kopitiam is ace except for the CKT.

Curry Mee was great, very oomph. It sent Min and I into coughing fits, I've taken this to be a barometer of curry-mee excellence. Thanks Min, again.

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ah kiang said...

Ah, I wish I could try the curry mee.. I am a curry mee fanatic lol

Don't think I will have the chance already, going to be out of Penang for quite some time.. Hopefully the curry laksa in KL is as good haha