Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dinner at New Lane

Today is a big day for Malaysia, for all yous in the country - hope you put your voting hats on. I am unfortunately not there to cast mine, and am unable to cast a postal vote given I am not a government-employed public servant, government-sponsored scholar, or spouse of government-employed public servant. I am hence designated the "normal" category. Fancy. Interesting distinction. I have faith in the people. Now for some retrospective blogging action:

My last night in Penang and I was hungering me some Char Koay Kak, after being disappointed at Batu Lanchang Pasar with the famed seafood CKK stall being closed in the afternoon - Min kindly took me to New Lane for some of final treats of the trip. Pictured is the CKK stall we ordered from, this is an interesting posture for CKK/o-chien fryer.

Array of hawker goodness. The area's actually known for its two congee stalls but it was CKK I was hankering for.

Lard at First Bite. Literally. I had ordered BIG assuming that meant to include seafood. I was wrong, regardless it didn't disappoint. The consistent crunch of deep-fried lard-cubes did not even make me flinch.

Egg, Bean Sprouts, Pickled radish, Koay Kak + Lard = satisfy me.

To finish off, Heng Jing, an almond dessert accompanied with yow za kuai. The heng jing was old-school, having a strong almost bitter aftertaste, it hit the spot. Min took photos of me eating this up, because she said that I never posted any of myself on the blog. Now I would have obliged, as I wouldn't have eaten this meal without her, however, I look like I am giving blowjobs to yow za kuai in all the photos. And these associations are too easily drawn upon on the internet, yknow. Might have had to do with the garish flash, the fact that I do not eat like a dainty lady, but well we didn't need the disturbing visuals.

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