Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ecco Cafe, Chulia Street

The posse: Kang Wei, Ricardo Pregnant, Kah Soo and Jaye. When Kang Wei told me we were meeting at Chulia Stree, I was fully psyched up for Char Koay Teow & other hawker delights. Little did I know, or expected, we were to meet up at Ecco Cafe which serves pizza and pasta. Pizza and pasta were perhaps the last things I would concede to eating on my second last night in Penang but it was a once-a-year meeting and I had to try to not be a brat. I was pained but I would endure the disappointment. So imagine my surprise when well, I hadn't bothered photographing the pasta because I was gutted, but it was actually the best pasta I've had for ages. Seriously, I do not know how they produced this at this price, but it was really good and I felt compelled to give the chef a thumbs up even.

Because I neglected to photograph the food, here's like a shot of the kitchen y'know. But it's good y'all. Go eat some pasta at Ecco Cafe, they deserve all the kudos. And thanks to Kang Wei for taking a whiny brat there.

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