Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not your ordinary garden salad

I feel like I ought to post something here, even if it's old and even if it's not Penang, for I cannot leave Burbee's good work hanging. I firmly believe that keeping a food blog is what will unite us sisters as we live our little lives in different parts of the world. And it's way more fun than keeping an I-feel-I-think blog. Because food speaks to us in ways that sometimes words cannot.

If there's one other place in the world I'd label a heavenly food trove outside Penang, it'd be Bangkok, hands down. We've had many, many, many gorgeous meals on the streets, in the cafes, at the markets and there're still many more to go. Here are some mean salads sampled on our last trip in December 07. Unfortunately, I did not document the names of the places where they were eaten.

This is Laab Gai, basically minced chicken, green crunchies and mint leaves.

Salad with raw blue prawns, served with a sour and spicy dressing. Very delicate.

Yam Talay, or a version of a Thai seafood salad, sampled at a cafe on Phra Athit Road.

This was a strange concoction of coconut milk, rambutan fruit and shrimps.

I shall endeavour to do a better job of documenting the whereabouts next time.

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