Saturday, April 5, 2008

Maa Roy Thai, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

Saturday, noon, the clouds started to roll in. The last time the clouds rolled in on a Saturday lunchtime, Tulip and I paid a visit to Maa Roy Thai so today, we felt it appropriate to repeat the weather-lunch pairing.

Clear tomyam seafood soup. The last time we tried the red version and found it a little sweeter than regular tomyam. The clear version is more sour than sweet, which is just the way I like it. Plentiful flesh from the sea. We drained this clean.

Pork Sambal (northern style). First I've heard of a Thai sambal but anything that looks this fiery is well worth a try. It was sweetly smoky, extremely heavy even as a dip, and it probably wouldn't have worked with anything other than raw vegetables.

Crispy Fish Salad. Strange crunchy floss? of fish meat heaped onto a basic mango salad. It was a great play on texture but got tedious about halfway through the dish.

I feel I ought to exercise some restraint after this meal because in approximately a week, I will be joining some people to Melaka for some serious grub. Stand by for more glorious food porn!

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CK Lam said...

We had our lunch at this place. The belacan fried rice was good but the red tomyam soup with noodles was a bit sweet. Will try yr recommended version next time.

The little red dolls hanging on the wall was very colourful!!