Friday, April 25, 2008

Should've been Thai but it wasn't

It's been a while since we made the beeline for a buffet but with the impending departure of Mag and Ollie next week, we felt it was time to pay a visit to the fail-safe Friday Thai buffet lunch at Cititel.

Alas, what should've been, wasn't. We found that they had swapped the buffet theme days around and we'd just missed the Thai spread yesterday. We had to contend with the nebulous "Asean" theme. Still, a buffet is a buffet and we had serious eating to do.

Clockwise from Top: Ulam (assorted raw greens with sambal belacan), Chicken kerabu, glass noodle kerabu (both kerabus tasted suspiciously similar), jellyfish kerabu

Mee Bandung
Yellow noodles, beansprouts, a wedge of tomato blanched, and drowned in a chicken-and-tomato-based thick broth, topped with half (not a quarter but HALF) a hard boiled egg, shredded cabbage, shrimps and some fishballs. Optional condiments: Fried shallots and chopped coriander. Tasty schizzle, I say!

Clockwise from Top: Singapore fried beehoon, brinjals with minced chicken, fried fish with mango kerabu, grilled chicken (ayam panggang). Blah blah!

Sweets: Coconut tart, chocolate cake, old-skool fluffy pandan sponge. Props to Cititel for not being too cool for fluffy old-skool fluffy sponges.

Also, Mag's keen to contribute entries to this blog so with the right amount of perseverance and industry, we could make like we live in 3 different countries and eat extremely well all the time. Mag's going back to Japan, so you can imagine what's in store for us, once she finds time from little Ollie.

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