Friday, April 25, 2008

Melaka (Part I)

The next couple of posts are somewhat backdated but the photos need to go up. Lots of good eating went down in Melaka earlier this month and here are the highlights from the home-cooked feast specially prepared by a very generous friend's aunt and uncle:

Ayam Buah Keluak (Keluak Nut Chicken Curry)
This had to be the highlight of the entire trip. Buah keluak is a blackish nut about the size and shape of a golf ball, often used in traditional Nyonya cooking. The nut needs to be prepared carefully to remove the poisonous effects of its raw seeds, which can be used to eliminate the people you don't like. Luckily, these ones we had were thouroughly washed and boiled and made for a wonderful accompaniment when mashed together with steamed white rice. Like a black olive tapenade, with the texture of a Hass avocado. Supremo!

Ikan Cili Pedas (Fish with Spicy Chilli Paste)

Ayam Pong Teh

Itik Tim
A hearty soup, filled with sour and salty goodness of duck and preserved vegetables.

Home-made cincaluk (Fermented shrimp sauce)

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