Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ribs, Burma Road, Penang

OK, so technically, this isn't quite authentic local fare either but much has been said about the gorgeous barbequed pork ribs this joint serves up on the island. We are ribs-starved, for obvious reasons but once you've had a full plate to yourself, it's unlikely you'd think about coming back for a while.

Tulip and I both had the smallest serving of no less than 4 solid ribs, with sides of coleslaw/baked beans and garlic mashed potato. The meat fell off the bone easily and the flavours worked well. But a serving of 4 ribs to yourself is really pushing it. By the 3rd one, I was well intoxicated and having trouble working the cutlery. Either go for a plate of 6 ribs to share between 2 or come really, really hungry with a massive craving for meat.

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