Monday, April 28, 2008

Nyonya Breeze, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

With impending departure of Mag, Ollie and Mama Chow, we gathered Ah-Ma and Seku for lunch today at Nyonya Breeze. Mama Chow has been adamant about trying this place out for some time, only to be derailed by whingebag family members who much prefer places without a fluoro-lit shopfront. Anyways.

We went overboard ordering and ended up with way too much food for a party of six. And they are:

Choon Peah (Spring Rolls)
Mag and I were somewhat irked by the fact that the wait staff did not have the good sense to inform us, a clear party of six, that one serving came in only 4 pieces. We ordered seconds, naturally. It was alright. I think I've hit Spring Roll plateau. As in, I've had enough mediocre Spring Rolls in my life and I can rest assured knowing that it's never going to be a dish that will bowl me over.

Sambal Prawn Petai
This was lovely, jumbo-sized fresh shrimp and stinkin' sweet petai in a sourish sambal gravy.

Curry Kapitan Chicken
Both Mag and I agreed that this did not blow the house down. The litmus test is in the gravy and while it was thick enough, it was just lacking in punch. I should've studied the exact discrepancy in ingredients. I am sorry.

Kerabu Kacang Botol

Jiu Hoo Char
Nyonya Breeze's version of this shredded turnip dish deserves a mention. Wrapped in lettuce leaves and topped with fiery sambal, this oozes crunchy flavours in your mouth. Loveliness.

Looks better than it tasted, but it could've have been just me being distracted by the plethora of dishes in front of me. I thought it was a tad dry, but Mag appreciated the chunks of fish that stayed intact.

Nyonya fish curry
The highlight of the meal, hands down. By the time this was brought steaming to the table, we had forgotten about the order and had almost finished the meal. However, it went down right as rain, with extra scoops of white rice. They used cod fish, which was greatly appreciated. I particularly like the fact that it's chunks of flesh, as in fish fish, and not any of that fish head nonsense. The assam gravy was a total hit, despite the fact that it was consumed on very full stomachs. 10/10!


CK Lam said...

Nice photos.. makes me hungry la.
I have been to a few nyonya restaurant but not this one.
Will drop by soon.


Anonymous said...

the bang kuang char looks like char mee....