Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steaming Hut, Basement Food Court, BNZ Tower 125 Queen St, Auckland

So last Wednesday, I was working a different shift than usual and determined as hell to have some steamed buns love at 10am. Which are about one of the only boast-worthy things round here - I paid up in cash (NO EFTPOS at STEAMING HUT) $4.50 for my usual, four 'vegetarian' buns in a bamboo basket, a quinoa-like porridge, a saucer of pickles for porridge-eaters only! and the delectable Bark Sauce (commonly known as chilli oil but Bark is way more visually appropriate ) I believe this meal might have gone up $0.50 since I went away, but still a steal, still a steal....

Puff Buns invite you to eat them please!

Mhmm Bark, bark in oil, I spills you all over my fingers as I feed some into my buns.

It is most popular Bun V4, filled with chives, vermicelli, egg, garlic, shrimp - hence its pseudo 'vegetarian'ness. Bad breath almost certainly guaranteed. Pashing can get awkward post-bun. No complaints here. Soz shrimpz tho.

Aforementioned Bark makes appearance atop Bun 2. There are usually a variety of 4 'vege' buns but because I showed up at 10am, only two types were ready. Bun 2 contains cabbage, bean sprouts, shitakes and is actually a vegetarian bun!

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minchow said...

Is that your fully recovered thumbnail I see holding Bun #2 pic? It looks freakishly normal!