Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dynamite Ollie, the ultimate Valentine turns ONE!

Valentine's Day disillusionment reaches new heights every year, with increasing recognition that it's nothing more than a cash cow machine for folks in the floral and gift trade. I read with great joy the Valentine's un-love that's been spreading through the blogosphere. Nothing more satisfying for a cynic to have her personal convictions gain critical mass.

However, I rediscovered a new form of love for Feb 14th. No longer will I chortle and roll my eyes at the excessive significance placed on this date for since 2008, it has marked the arrival of Ollie, the Dynamite baby, all-bearer of joy and happiness, into the family.

A pretty adult cake just wouldn't do. We had Ritz's bakery custom-make a blueberry cake in the shape of Anpanman, Ollie's favourite hero (to date). Pretty swell job too, don't you think?

We had t-shirts printed for everyone bearing various hallmarks of Ollie's journey to 12 months. Thanks for a job well done, Fat Tulip!

And birthday yummies...
Osekihan (Japanese red rice), symbolic of happiness and celebration

Chinese red eggs, a symbol of happiness and prosperity

Taka's Japanese pork curry, which begins with about a ton of chopped onions, and left to stew overnight - a symbol of... ummm... surefire overeating?

Gorgeous char siew from the roast meat platter

Mag's renkon sandwich creation...

Two slices of renkon (lotus root) with minced chicken meat sandwiched in between, coated with panko breadcrumb and deep fried. Delicious!

Mama Chow made Jap Chae (Korean glass noodles) - a must-have symbol for longevity. Her version was light on seasoning, heavy on the ingredients - Chinese celery, bean sprouts, carrot, prawns, sliced Chinese mushrooms, pork mince and black fungus.

The happy birthday boy and his pressies, including one very desirable Tonka truck! I could've used one when I turned one!

The adults also got plenty of good buzz from bottomless supply of homemade sangria, which stretched the party until late in the evening. Dear Ollie, may you be blessed with all the love & happiness in the world for years and years to come! You can be my Valentine anytime!


Anonymous said...

Ollie's one lucky baby! That's quite a spread you have there. I'm not sure whether it's good to have a birthday on the same day as Valentine's day, though. For one, there won't be flowers coz they're too expensive! And dinner at a nice restaurant? Forget it! Too expensive! I guess you guys will have to fine tune your cooking skills to ensure Ollie has the ultimate birthday party every year. :-D

Steven Goh said...

Happy Birthday to Ollie, he is very cute leh, somemore birthday fall at the same day with valentine, sure will be very romantic next time. You have to teach him how to write good articles and also let him know is not easy to raise him up. Also remember the most important thing, teach him to visit my blog next time when he's grown :)

Rebecca Saw said...

so cute! both the boy n the cake!! ehh Steven, no shame la u! advert ur blog pulak!

Babe_KL said...

Ollie's so adorable, happy burpday Ollie!!!

Poppy Seed said...

I heart T-shirt photo montage and I heart Ollie :)

Lingzie said...

oh olli is a real cutie!! love the printed tees. very personalized and very nice!
and that renkon sandwich looks killer la!!! got recipe or not? lol

unfortunately i have no idea who or what is anpanman (sigh signs of old age??)

worldwindows said...

Blessed Ollie and the 1st B/D cake surrounded by loved ones. I enjoyed those times too but I missed my son 1st B/D years ago.

Food Paradise said...

He is so cute..... wow.... he will have a very memorable 1st birthday leh..... with all the printed T shirt. lol "Happy Belated Birthday Ollie"

Ciki said...

Family gt2gthers are the best.. and the food that's prepared with tender loving care is usually the highlight of the evening! Happy 1st bday to Ollie! I wanna pinch his cheeks! so cute!

HairyBerry said...

there's always a reason for celebration and the best way to do it is with the loved one, come valentine or not. and of course, when the food is awesome, like the spread u had, it'll be unforgettable, that's for sure.

minchow said...

LL, yes, we think he may be resentful when he grows up that he has to compete with all that Valentine's rigmarole! But rest assured, we will endeavour to outdo ourselves every year to throw a befitting party!

Steven, OK, I shall put visiting your blog on the list of IMPORTANT things to teach him! Right up there with toilet training and reading and writing and talking...

The Nomad Gourmand, yes cuteness overload... so sad that he's going back to Japan soon! :-(

Babe KL, Ollie thanks you in baby language!

Poppy Seed, photo montage eh? Too much work to do on a regular basis, lazy lah.

minchow said...
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minchow said...

Lingzie, recipe, got! I'll try and get it for you! Trust me, I had no idea who or what Anpanman was either until Ollie arrived! Apparently, he's HUGE in Japan!

Worldwindows, but I bet you made up for it on his subsequent birthdays right???

Food Paradise, yes, the t-shirts were a nice touch! I am still keeping mine and intend to wear it until he's a grown man!

Ciki, family get-togethers are the bomb! Especially when we only get to do them once a year!

Nic, I think we're going to be celebrating every V-Day now, romantics or not :-P

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is such a good idea in having such an awesome beautiful t-shirts!

backStreetGluttons said...

No doubt the 14 is a kinda money rededication of the marketing gurus to the mass naivettes who believs this lurvy durvey thing conquers everything including RM25 a stalk of Cameronian red follies & a tablet of Europeany buffet knocked with a glass or 2 of Italiano grape juice for RM128 each.

But of course , true love begins at home with the 1 year old !

...& need we say with the real bsg too outside
he he !