Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goh Teo Kee, Gurney Drive

Another of Papa Chow's firm favourites from yonks ago is Goh Hun Kee, now renamed Goh Teoh Kee on Gurney Drive. I am enjoying these revisits to old haunts, much more than I actually remember enjoying them when he dragged us sulky-faced brats there for meals instead of KFC or Eden. We had to exercise some restraint, seeing that there were only three of us this particular visit. First up was this braised cabbage dish with chicken and Chinese mushrooms. Simplicity at its best. I go through periods where braised cabbage smell and taste like stinky socks to me. This was fortunately not one of them.

Now this Assam Curry Fish is hardly authentic Teochew but it was still full of kicks! This was the first time I've tasted this here, I believe it's a recent introduction to the menu. Papa Chow, whom I had branded unfairly as a bigoted Teochew cuisine loyalist, shows that he has developed strong Malaysian inclinations, after arriving here from Guangdong nearly 60 years. Teochew with a twist, just like the revived Goh Teo Kee!

And of course lovely greens, kailan done very nicely here with preserved pork meat.
And to finish it all off, complimentary dessert of red bean soup.
Can't believe it took me this long to realise this is better food than KFC and Eden put together!


CK Lam said...

I have never step foot inside this restaurant, but will give it a try after reading your review... another place for dinner :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey you did not tell me you are planning to go there. I can get the boss to entertain you better. :P By the way, this is one of his branches. He is stationed up in Sg. Ara area. You can check out what he cooked up for my small gathering.


minchow said...

Criz, I had no idea this was the same one! But the dishes in Sg Ara branch look better... I don't suppose they do as much Thai dishes at the Gurney Drive branch?

New Kid on the Blog said...

they also have a branch in Sungai Nibong right??? used to be my in-law favourite place for dinner.