Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leong Kee, Kimberley St

It was a wet and rainy morning and it felt like a dim sum morning. We had just been to Anson Road's Zim Sum recently so we decided to try another place. Leong Kee has been around for a long time but I had only been made aware of it recently when Papa Chow pointed out they are now open in the evenings as well, ala Tai Thong on Cintra St.

We weren't especially hungry or hungover this morning, so we kept to the basics.

Steamed goodies. As you can probably tell from the pic, these tasted only so-so. But before you dismiss them, I must point out that the service was remarkably tip-top. The staff at Leong Kee were friendly and helpful without being stiffly patronizing or over-attentive. Just the kind of reception you'd want at your neighbourhood mom-and-pop corner store.

Pei Tan Chuk (Century Egg porridge). I prefer this to the one at Zim Sum. It's not quite Forum's but it warmed me up nice and good.

Wu Kok (Deep fried yam dumplings). The token deep fried dish of the morning. The char siu filling was a bit too measly for my liking.

Char Siu Pau (BBQ Pork Bun). Fat Tulip's must-have for the morning. He finished two of these but reported that they weren't quite up to mark either.

We'd probably be hard-pressed to come back here if not for the genuinely pleasant service extended by the staff. Also, at about RM13 for two of us, it was a right steal.


CRIZ LAI said...

Maybe we ordered different items in this restaurant but I felt that this place tasted better than Zim Sum in Anson Road. At least I felt that Leong Kee served the food hotter compared to Zim Sum which I had experienced many times luke warm/cold dim sum. It could be due to the crowd as well.

New Kid on the Blog said...

with this dim sum pictures, i miss ipoh dim sum very much.... :(

minchow said...

Criz, you're spot on about the freshness of the dim sum at Leong Kee compared to Zim Sum's. We really didn't try enough this visit, and because they were so nice, I'm definitely going to be back.

New Kid, I hear ya. Despite my best laid plans, I never made it to Ipoh in time for dim sum. Shame!

Little Inbox said...

Previously I had my Dim Sum at Ipoh Fu San. Quite disappointed. :(
Penang Dim Sum taste better.