Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, Burmah Road

On the same row as the culinary travesty that is Yataimura in Pulau Tikus sits this modest looking little Japanese place. Past visits have often been reassuring so when I'm hankering for good simple Japanese minus the price tag of Kirishima at Cititel, this is the place to go!

On this particular visit, we were both craving for a bowl of something hot, so udon seemed the answer to all our problems.
I started with a Potato Salad handroll. Loved the even distribution of the ebiko, right down to the last bite.

Fat Tulip made the star order of the day. Baby octopus tempura, served with dipping sauce. Beautiful when crispy hot, not so at the end of the meal when the batter's gotten all soggy.

Curry Udon. I didn't want just heat, I also wanted spice. This curry was chicken and my ideal type of Jap curry is pork. It wasn't quite spicy enough, but the udon was full of bite and the serving was plentiful and satisfying.

Udon in clear chicken broth. The fake crabstick initially put Fat Tulip off a bit but once he got rid of that, he enjoyed every slurp and drank every last drop of the light, flavourful broth.

The bill for two including tea, came up to around RM60. OK, so not exactly a cheap lunch but it was quality stuff so we dealt.

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