Saturday, June 21, 2008

Korea BBQ Chicken

The Korea BBQ Chicken chain of restaurants have been open for a while now and it's become a firm favourite place for us to get a good chicken fix, fried or barbequed.
The two outlets in Penang are located in Gurney Plaza and New World Park. One fine work-free day, Fat Tulip and I staggered into the Gurney Plaza one for a late lunch after a movie. The menu is fairly extensive and there are a few different types of chicken preparation, from olive oil-fried to ginseng infused to barbequed. The chicken comes with coleslaw and your choice of either shrimp fried rice of mashed potato.
Korean charbroiled chicken (with shrimp fried rice)

Jerk BBQ Chicken (with mash)

Both were delicious, infused with plenty of gorgeous flavours. The chicken were tender and juicy and the sides were substantial. However, I have to say I've tasted better mashed potato... may have something to do with the gravy, which tasted a wee bit manufactured.

Previously, I've also tried the regular olive oil-fried chicken (the other option being the ginseng-infused one) which was well above a notch from the trite and tired Colonel Sanders' secret recipe. I'll be back!


CK Lam said...

The charboiled chicken looks yummy...and the combination with shrimp fried rice looks extra good :)

Little Inbox said...

Yeap agreed. The charbroiled chicken looks delicious. However, the BBQ chicken looks a bit overcook. The skin is burnt.

minchow said...

CK Lam, yes yummy all the way! The fried rice looked a little bland but it wasn't at all!

Little inbox, the skin was burnt and we left it aside. I think it'd be a more satisfying meal if we actually consume the entire thing, skin and all.