Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chilli Corner, Nagore Road

I was in the mood for some weekend tomyam. The thing about tomyam is when you want it, you really gotta have it, nothing else will do. So Fat Tulip obligingly took me to Chilli Corner on Nagore Road, this Thai place he'd visited before and had obviously approved.
As soon as we sat down, a plate of ulam and spicy sambal appeared in front of us. Love raw vegetables, love sambal and love this as an appetizer, especially when they do not scrimp on the serving, even if there were only two of us.

As we scanned the menu, I worried that my tomyam craving may have gotten the better of me. The items were pricier than the average Thai haunts, like Maa Roy Thai or Sri Sawadee on Sri Bahari Road. And we have been feeling poor for a while, and cheap cheap eats are all we're comfortable paying for. We decided we'd go easy and keep to two dishes, since we did down a moreish breakfast just a couple of hours ago.
Green chicken curry. Tender pieces of chicken thigh meat in a thick, nutty gravy. Total awesomeness. I have always been a breast person but there is so much goodness I cannot deny in the use of thigh meat in curries.

Seafood Tomyam. This serving for two came with a price tag of RM22 but it was filled to the brim with FOUR huge ass prawns, fish and baby octopus. We were paying for quality and I declared, after slurping a few spoonfuls of the fiery liquid, that I would happily foot the bill! Fat Tulip's sweat glands went apeshit as we worked our way to the bottom of the pot. It was intense!

We were stuffed and sated but when we saw they were serving small bowls of Tab Thim Grob for only RM1, our cheap receptors went to work and we each had one bowl. Plenty of water chestnut and chunky jackfruit strips, no complaints whatsoever.

I was still a little taken aback when the bill came up to RM43 and found that they charged heftily for rice and the lovely ulam appetizer. Quality does come with a price so I would probably come back only when my wallet's fatter.


CK Lam said...

It's a steal having the dessert at a ringgit...another place to add to my Thai food list :)

Little Inbox said...

It's quite a long long time that I didn't have any spicy and sour Tom Yam. My mouth seems started feeling itchy now, aim for the seafood tom yam and my favorite Tab Thim Grob. :P

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm... I still think it's a bit too pricey for the food but it's at least better than the RM25 "almost nothing in the pot" Tom Yam I had at Mythai Restaurant down in Upper Penang Road.

Psss... you want cheaper dishes, get the ready ingredient packet (Lady Head aka Mae Pranom Brand) and put in as much chicken breast meat as you want :P But warning... it's real fiery!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Never know there's Thai restaurant there.

minchow said...

CK Lam, yes, RM1 for a bowl definitely worth it!

Little Inbox, I get like that too from time to time. Think it's time for you to solve that itch... only gets worse with time!

Criz, yeah saw your Mythai review and made a mental note not to go near it! Will check out the Lady Head brand... should help solve instantly any cravings that can't wait for a Thai restaurant visit!

New Kid, the place actually looks more like a regular home-cooking kinda outlet but they do good Thai!

christal.loh said...


nice to have you to try our Thai Cuisine @ Chilli Corner & your food review.

Would like to ask, possible for us to link your blognpost on our new Chilli Corner Blog?

thanks again,
Chilli Corner