Monday, July 21, 2008

Homemade Apple Pie, Dinner at MS'

Over the weekend, MS finally committed to donning her apron, seeing as it was almost time for me to pack up to move back to KL. After months of her teasing with aiya-maybe-nexttime-probablys, I was beside myself with joy. Partly because I couldn't remember the last time I was invited over to a friend's place to be entertained and fed but mostly, from what I've heard, this girl can cook.

We arrived and the table was all set, the house enveloped in a heady aroma screaming "there's some good grub in here!"
Table all set for a rollicking good feed.

She dished out two types of dip with slices of French loaf and garlic tortilla, guacamole and salsa. One gorgeous, the other heavenly. Loved the guacamole, could've eaten this as the main course. But of course, there were basic table manners to contend with and 'sides, plenty more was in store!

Something to dilute all that wine that kept finding its way down my throat - water flavoured with mint, cucumber and lemon slices.

While we chomped on bread and dip, MS whipped up the starter like she was a veteran on the set of a cooking reality show. Seafood sauteed in garlic and herbs on a bed of greens, a neat and fresh little starter that got our appetite really going without filling us up too much.

I am a horrendously picky eater and MS was accommodating enough to work her recipes around my many culinary derisions. Her Carrot & Pumpkin Soup minus the cream turned out lighter and pulpier than the original recipe, and it was just as nice and hearty, if not better.

The main was chicken, yet another homage to the scant and no doubt, oppressive list of what I DO eat. The chicken thighs were lemon infused, oven roasted to tender perfection and served with sauteed vegetables on a bed of mash. I was overjoyed with this and cleaned my plate rather too quickly, only to then proceed to stare forlornly at Fat Tulip polishing off his extra piece of chicken, which I didn't get. I had been sternly made aware of the need to space-save for dessert so this was a wise move, I suppose.

Dessert was finally revealed, after my futile attempt to look for it in the fridge, behind the cupboards and in the kitchen drawers - apple pie! I have always been a huge fan of apple desserts but had pretty much stayed away from store-bought pies in recent years. Nothing quite cuts it like apple pie homemade from scratch and unfortunately I've not met many people who can be arsed with all that work.

After the reveal, there was a brief (painful) wait for the pie to be heated up in the oven, which led to more wine bottle emptying and impatient pacing back and forth the table and the kitchen. Get on with it, I ordered MS snottily.

Finally, ting! went the oven. MS cut into the glorious golden dish and served it up with vanilla ice cream. The crumbly, buttery crust broke into a moist, lustrous apple and cinnamon filling. My first bite made me think of butterflies, ferris wheels and toffee apples - every thought an apple pie ought to invoke. It broke my heart to not be able to stomach another helping so I had to kidnap the rest of the pie back home. I can't think of much else that could've ended the evening's ravishing meal quite as beautifully.

My sincerest thank you to the gracious hostess for such a wonderful evening, and here's hoping there'll be many more to come!


J2Kfm said...

that was such a homely, and delicious meal. you're lucky. :)

gill gill said...

MS is your friend or? the food looks very presentable and taste! i guess you gonna miss Penang Food, do you? :)

minchow said...

j2kfm, yes I am indeed very fortunate!

Gill Gill, yes MS is a good friend of mine! She only cooks once in a blue moon so this was a really rare treat! I've only left Penang for a week now and I'm totally pining for the food. Have to go back soon!