Sunday, July 27, 2008

Faux Mexican, Blue Diamond Cafe, Chulia St

The other evening, we decided to swing by Blue Diamond Cafe on Chulia Street to try out the Mexican stall.

We were accosted by the drinks' lady from the word go, whose primary purpose was to get us to purchase tons of bottled beer. We went for iced lemon tea, much to her chagrin. The drinks arrived while we were perusing the menus, and it was horrible, obviously having been prepared with some disgusting, expired powder mix.

The menu consisted of a few Mexican staples in name, i.e. enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, all available with beef, chicken or vegetarian. The place has a weird ordering system. Despite being laid out like a regular kopitiam, the drinks lady', obviously from a separate operation as the Mexican stall dude, takes our order and informs the latter, situated no more than 2 metres away from our table. I believe she gets a cut from the food purchase, probably because she speaks better English, for the benefit of the largely backpacker clientele.

I went for the Chicken Quesadilla while MS went for the El Monterey Enchilada. What ensued was an order cock-up, thanks to the lady who either forgot or chose not to relay one of our orders to the dude. So I got my quesadilla and was almost done before MS got her enchilada. Not good.Chicken Quesadilla (RM8). I really didn't mind this, apart from the sogginess of the bread at the bottom. It was a just-nice portion, with plenty of chicken and peppers. It just didn't taste Mexican.

Some time later, the El Monterey Enchilada (RM9) arrived. It looked like a right mess from the start, the entire plate drenched with an unidentified heavy sauce and topped with a sunny side up with clearly burnt edges.

A closer look at the enchilada filling... basically the same chicken filling I got in my quesadilla, in a messier presentation. Needless to say, on top of the order mess and delay, MS didn't enjoy total mess.

Although the quesadilla was a step up from the disaster that was the enchilada, I wouldn't come back. That pushy drinks' lady alone sets my off my rage-o-meter.


pixen said...

what about the Mexican Stall inside Northam Cafe? IT's operated by a foreigner but I think he's a Brit or US.

My Fav is the French stall's Apple Crepes not far from there :-) but you have to go there earlier to place order cos later evening...c'est finis!

minchow said...

Ooh I've heard only not-so-great things about that Northam Mexican stall but no personal experience yet. Yeah, the French stall has some decent grub! :-)

Unknown said...

hmm... i went there a couple of days ago and didn't bother the lady much coz she was kinda rude, food was ok~ the buritos was ok and enchiladas WITHOUT sunny-side up tasted better than the one u tasted... might visit the place again sometime considering the price...

meiyi said...

I agree with you.
That drink lady kept asking us if we wanted more drinks.
So we rather make a move after completing the meal.

I think the Mexican food is cheap there, compared to Northam.
But this one is a little malay-ish.
I think the pita (I don't know if it's pita or whatever bread it could be) was a little too hard for me.

To me, it was a little adventurous to try such a place. BUT, beware of weird 'caucasian' staring you (if you are a lady) with a weird look.