Monday, May 26, 2008

Xotic, 245 Mt Albert Road, Auckland

The $12 buffet is back on, start-time 7pm in the evenings. Go Hungry and Pace Yourself.

Bottomless Naan, Fresh, Fluffy, Bitefuls of Doughy Goodness

Lydia's plate, much the same except there is more of that yummy nutty carrot? dessert.

Buffet Counter, with aesthetic not too different rom Pizza Hut all you can eat counters circa 1995? There are also other pizza takeaway references, note the logo on your yellow plate for the buffet; vaguely reminiscent of that other pizza franchise giant Domino's yes?

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minchow said...

Oh boy! Looks like love! The endlessness entices, but the question is... is the food good?