Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seri Petaling Seafood Village

The Boss decided she would show those willing and able a slice of neighbourhood seafood that was turning into a regular spot for her family.

Seri Petaling Seafood Village is located at an unassuming spot, on the road running somewhat parallel to the back of Carrefour. The place was brightly lit, open air and already nicely filled with diners - we switched our hungry blinkers on and listened, bright-eyed and bushy tailed while munching on peanuts and sweet potato chips and Boss helmed the ordering for feast.

Alas, Devastation befell us! The lady informed us that they had run out of crabs! What kind of seafood restaurant runs out of crabs at 8.30PM? A busy, popular one, evidently! We had to make do, and made do we did.

Green Dragon - as green as our colour, watching a neighbouring table suck down the claws of the last crab of the night. Oh we'll get you one day, just you wait!

Fresh, sumptuous, utterly finger-licking Assam Prawns - we downed two plates of these babies!

The Salt & Pepper Squid disappeared as fast as it came - crunch crunch, gulp, gone!

The Assam Fish is probably the best way to prepare the tilapia (fei chow yu or African fish) here. The second preparation of similar fish which came later revealed that maligned swampy freshwater taste.

Mud - lovely on skin, not so in my fish

And came our favourite part the meal - the Salted Egg sigh, everybody together, now! The prawns gleamed in golden grandeur and the squid shone supreme.

TV snack on its own, totally!

Not a fan of venison so gave the Stir-fried Venison with Ginger a miss. Probably a shade paler than the seafood stars here but the others had no problem wiping this clean whatsoever.

The meal fed seven of us too well, and bill total came to about RM350. A right steal, we felt!

And for those slippery lil' crustaceans, we must be back. To the crabs!

Seri Petaling Seafood Village Restaurant
Lot 24221, Jalan Merah Silu
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
57000 KL


Kenny Mah said...

"Mud - lovely on skin, not so in my fish"


Sean said...

this entry really hit home for me ... 'cos i've been living barely 500 meters down the road for the last EIGHT years, and i drive past this restaurant's entrance at least three times a week ... but i've never managed to discover what hid behind its signboard! trust an outsider to brazenly waltz in and unlock its secrets for us (and try to steal our yummy crabs away from us too! hmmmph!) heheh :D

Babe_KL said...

I think I've seen this place before and never could imagine such beautiful food are dished out.

LOL at Sean, usually ppl hardly bother to eat near their home :p

Ciki said...

was there mud in your fish..?! Oh lord! hah

ulric said...

A regular spot for my extended family for pork-free Chinese food...

However, the quality of the food has slightly declined compared to the other eateries in Sri Petaling nowadays :)

minchow said...

Kenny, this fish obviously OD'ed on the mud spa concept! HAHA!

Sean, the signboard doesn't look particularly extraordinary, I have to say. And the moniker "Seafood Village" in a KL suburb definitely sends alarm bells ringing the other way!

Babe KL, I wouldn't mind a random Village Seafood down the road where I live! Running out of local hits to keep things interesting in the neighbourhood!

Ciki, an overwhelming taste of mud, that is. Blekkkkkk!

Ulric, thanks for reading! :-) Sri Petaling is a bit of a novelty for me, having not ventured into this neck of the woods before. Just realised there's a lot to eat around here!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha prob the first time i heard a direct translation of fei chow yu as african fish..

omg..i want sotong..sotong..

Pureglutton said...

Ahhh... i had seafood overload last weekend too! Yours were really cholesterol double-whammies, what with the salted eggyolks and all! :P

minchow said...

Joe, I went crazy on Google trying to find out what the proper name of this fish was and gave up!! Does it even have an English name? :-P

Pure Glutton, I suspect my cholesterol levels aren't looking too hot after all that salted egg. I swear I saw a cholesterol deposit growing above my left eye this morning! Eeps!

J said...

Maybe the poor fishy was putting on a mud mask when it was, unfortunately(?), dished up?

minchow said...

J, poor fish indeed! Looked better than it tasted, so the beauty regimen certainly worked! :-P

Apple Foodees said...

RM350 for the 7 of you sounds pretty expensive considering that the fish you took is Tilapia (I presumed?).

Ciki said...

oh gross! I hate the taste of mud in mah feesh!

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