Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pure Life Organic, Kajang

Suppp Kajang!! I come this lovely Saturday not to ravage your satay supply. Nor have I travelled the distance to appraise the merchandise at Billion. I come to learn to eat and dispose, in the friendliest possible way Mother Earth could wish.

Truth is, we consume a lot of crap outside. What you don't know about the food preparation in the back end won't hurt you, but it sure makes you feel pretty damn nasty after. Pure Life Organic's proposition seems pretty straightforward and hard not to like. No preservatives, no additives, all natural, and as much as possible, they practise the concept of sustainable consumption. The menu varies everyday of the week and Saturday's greets us on the chalkboard as we arrive.

The converted residence makes for a casual cafe setting. We could sit and wonder why our tastebuds respond so differently to our bodies - what may taste like heaven to the tongue may very well be the source of some benign, but nevertheless aggravating, physical reaction in a few hours' time. But instead, we grab a staff member and make sure food is on the way.

Pure Life's organic food store in one separate wing of the establishment is busy and frequented by staunch regulars. The friendly and enigmatic owners appear to know most by name, and are always genuinely ready to engage and help. I'd like a store like this in the neighbourhood very much! Somehow, my current fresh mart/ beer guy opposite where I live isn't scoring high points for customer retention.

We have the deceptively-named Caesar Salad to start. Caesar dressing typically goes down all wrong with me. However, no such worries here because the salad is fresh and crisp and lovely with a balsamic vinegarish dressing. It's anything but Caesar!

The Mee Mamak order is a mild, almost better-groomed version than its original street counterpart. The noodles (of the buckwheat variety, I think) are buoyant to the bite and the abundance of crunchy greens and organic tofu uplifts what would have been a muted affair.

What did stay muted unfortunately was the Curry Pan Mee. It comes across as having tried too hard but missing the mark somewhat. The curry broth was a drab watery concoction and anything submerged in it would have basically failed.

We have to give the banana-leaved triangles of Nasi Lemak a shot, even if the carbs, no matter how pure and unadulterated, were starting to weigh us down. The use of brown rice means Pure Life does end up compromising the fluff factor but if we look past that, everything else, down to the sambal, makes for a decent little package.

We come to the last, and what's probably the most worthwhile part of the experience at Pure Life. Patrons are encouraged to clear their tables and take their plates through a waste-friendly 5-basin washing cycle. It begins with a rinse and scrub in the first basin, containing palm oil and coconut oil, before moving to the second basin of oiltea camelia seed powder, a cleansing agent. You repeat in the third and fourth basin before finishing with a clear water rinse in the fifth and final basin.

We think there's some way to go but Pure Life is doing something right here. It's not that hard for anyone half-sensible to appreciate the many reasons for greater personal involvement in changing the way we consume and dispose.

And guess what, the body feels great after. So great that I even pass up on Fat Tulip's offer to stop by for Kajang satay after!

Pure Life Organic
Jalan 1, Off Jalan Reko,
43000 Kajang
Tel: +603-8733 6189


Sean said...

yikes! the washing-up-at-the-end part sounds cool, but, ermmm, the squeamish side of me feels reluctant to soak my paws in basins of water that might have already been used to wash dozens of curry-stained plates! maybe i'll just order something that comes wrapped in banana leaves instead of a bowl :D

minchow said...

I know what you mean! Will probably be shot by bona fide organic types for this but I couldn't do it either. Which is why it's an absolute necessity to bring along a lunch buddy who has no choice but to do the dishes! :-P

Pureglutton said...

I already feel so healthy just be reading this post :P

J2Kfm said...

Washing own plates?!! Erm, reminded me of the BTN course (you know, the infamous one all civil servants must go through) when we washed our utensils and used the same smelly rag to wipe the plates.
Impossibly gross.

Kenny Mah said...

That's kinda cool... though I wonder if the Malaysian dining scene is ready for a basuh-after-you-habis-makan regime, hehe.

minchow said...

Pureglutton, yes you have to kinda ohmmm yourself to a certain state to be suitably excited over the fare here! :-P

J2Kfm, haha, fair enough! I'll only dare refute when I've done my share instead of delegating it to someone else!

LFB, clearly not! I spied at least 3 other tables on site who promptly left theirs unwashed. I don't think the owners are anywhere near enforcing it either.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for an interesting way to both spice up and make my cooking experience more healthy.