Friday, October 9, 2009

"Here's looking at you, Fat Kid", hollers Popeye's, Mid Valley

I've often been known to pooh-pooh fast food, asserting preference instead on the plethora of tastier, cheaper and often more nutritious finds that we are fortunate to find in our great, invasion-friendly motherland.

I am, however, not always this way. Deep inside me seethes an ongoing battle between my present-day disposition and the pervading shadow of the insecure, overweight and defeatist kid of yesteryears, who preys on the comforts of deep-fried junk.

Some days, the fat kid wins. Such as this harried working day, walking past the mint Popeye's outlet on Mid Valley's LG floor.

Vicky W goes for the 3-piece Chicken Tenders & Biscuit. All batter, not much flavour, she says. The biscuit is extremely agreeable though, even beyond whiny adolescent's tastebuds. Soft, savoury, more dense and less buttery than a scone. For a couple more of this, being in frequent company of last few standing kids to be picked for P.E. teams don't seem so bad!

The set comes with coleslaw & mash. Draws inevitable comparison to Colonel Sanders' version and Popeye's wins hands down.

Mash with gravy that's more chicken than the chicken tenders themselves. It's the kinda quiet triumph that the fat kid sometimes enjoys from busting clownish moves on the dance hall at the social and making the cool kids laugh.

I settle for the Chicken Sandwich, which at least offers some token slices of tomatoes and lettuce in between power-packed grease and carbs. OK, not the best the fat kid has had (and she has had MANY such burgers) but it isn't too bad either, given the other choices in the area.

The Cajun Fries are extra crispy and very tasty, sealing the deal and grease quota for weeks. The sort of thing that makes one forget the horrible awkwardness of the first slow dance with boy crush (Where do the arms go, the fat kid wails, round the waist or round the neck?)

I hear the Fish tenders are something else here and I am tempted. With this in the vicinity of work, I suspect Fat Kid will have more internal battle victories in coming days.


Big Boys Oven said...

surprisingly I had yet to try them till this moment . . . will you recommend me to dint at this place?

ai wei said...

this is newly open in mid valley right? you are fast! i passed by this restaurant yesterday and saw a couple take away the food. the take away box is sooooooooo cute!!!

superwilson said...

Fried chickens are slightly drier than KFC. Heard owned by KFC as well.

Sean said...

yeah, the fish platter is pretty worthwhile. yummy catfish, definitely a nice change from the fish fillets at other fast food chains.
i used to be a devotee of fast food. i'd have mcdonald's three a week, kfc twice and pizza hut once. but i haven't been to any of that holy trinity in years now. though i can't say my current meals are all that healthier... :D

Paranoid Android said...

What is the reason we always find comfort in fried, greasy food? Sigh! I need some now.

backStreetGluttons said...

since already fat kid , so just be fat happily until grow up very soon
lol !

Rebecca Saw said...

Had it at their TTDI outlet..I find the biscuits damn funny tasting.
As for the mash, yup definitely better thn our KFC.
Like yourself, I havent tried the seafood platter but ordered the shrimps was so-so.

The cajun range does tempt me for atr trip though ;)

Talking abt fast food cravings, I'm so craving for pizza now!!

J said...

We all have to feed our inner childs once in a while. :)
(Ain't nothing wrong!)
(... this is coming from someone who has a "fat kid" inside too...)

Kenny Mah said...

The fat kid won today with me too. Had KFC for lunch today. :P

minchow said...

BBO, only when you're absolutely hankering for grease and fried food! Taste wise, nothing extraordinary really!

Ai Wei, can't help but watch out for new places around MV to eat. I have to lunch here practically everyday, and running out of choices!!

Superwilson, we took away some fried chicken the other day - dry and tasteless hunks of fibre. Ugh.

Sean, hahaha... no no, nothing healthy about your meals now either but definitely a step up from the fast food variety. 3 times McDs a week?? That's scary...

Paranoid Android, it's back to the whole inverse r'ship between Starbucks & McDs sales movement in the crisis. Sometimes, we need to simply be comforted, not stimulated!

minchow said...

BSG, yes I realise that I will never ever be skinny regardless of how well I eat or exercise...the Fat Kid simply won't allow it!! :-D

J, I will def keep feeding it... reminds me of who I am, really! I just get grumpy why it gets hungry so often!! :-P

LFB, the fat kids are running amok!! :-) Right, off to the supermarket to buy a ton of fruit and try suppress the urge to go find me some fish and chips!

HoustonWok said...

Hi MinChow,
New to your blog but I must saw I am very drawn to your art of story telling. Popeyes is on every other corner here in the states and plays part to an obesity epidemic. Nevertheless their chicken is quite delicious when you are in a mood for greasy fried foods. Glad to have found your blog as I have been really intriguged with that side of the world as of late.

minchow said...

Hey HoustonWok, thanks for dropping by and thanks also for the follow on Twitter!