Sunday, October 11, 2009

One For The Road, Kavitha's, off Jln Gasing

With the remnants of Raya-induced misbehaviour slowly dwindling to a heartbreaking stop, so begins the onset of a period of solid work and discipline, right up until year end. But before that, I had to make one last hungover pit stop at Kavitha's in Taman Petaling, off Jalan Gasing.

Had spied Kavitha's when we were in the area not too long ago for Khun Thai, and had subsequently heard raves from other bloggers and BLR lovers alike.

We had been warned about the atrocious service here so we arrived with a good measure of patience and good faith. It took the staff a full 20 minutes before they leisurely laid on our tables the banana leaves, and a further 15 minutes to dish up the rice and the sides.

Now we weren't 100% sure what this was - one of the staff, who looked like he'd been smoking a lil' something something, said it was "perut ayam" but Fat Tulip who finished this all by himself said it tasted more fish than chicken. Can anyone enlighten?

Spicy shrimps - these were just okay. I'm not crazy about the sweetness of the sauce, especially when served stone cold.

Their Chilli chicken worked for me - chicken was fresh, nice mix of breast and thigh meat, all coated very nicely with the pungent, extra spicy dressing.

Last to arrive were the crunchies - poppadum, stuffed chillies and rather lacklustre version of fried bitter gourd.

The best thing about Kavitha's though was the basic vegetarian set itself. The combination of its extra-rich gravies, generous serving of 3 types of vegetables, chutney and sambal was a beaut! The result was almost not entirely classic BLR; it had a whiff of nasi kandar, especially in the thickness of its fish gravy. One could happily tuck into this minus any of the side dishes and go to war (or period of hard slog & moderation) quite, quite charged.

While the service was dire despite the place being only half-filled, and the side dishes just adequate, I'd be back in a heartbeat for the very exceptional basic vegetarian set.

Until then, let's soldier on, troopers!


Pam said...

Hmm... looks spicy and tempting...

Sean said...

i'm probably the last person who should be giving recommendations about banana leaf rice, but i've been hearing raves about this place called ravi's at 3 2 square in pj. here's a link to the only online review i can find, but it does look promising!

Paranoid Android said...

Now I know what this mandropaused, jaded palate needs. Some lovely home cooked, spicy South Indian food. It will jolt me out of my complacency.

Rebecca Saw said...

oh yes...the service, if u can call it service at all!!
BUt darn, I can't find yogurt cucumber thingy done nicer anywhr else!
The veg set the best really...and their thosai, rotis are good too..

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahha me not a BLR fan! :(

sc said...

hmmm, dishes sounds mediocre only..i like the chilli chicken at restoran kader (near masjid jamek LRT). one of the nicest i've tried :)

J2Kfm said...

curry dishes looked mighty boring.
the vege set looks the most promising, as you mentioned.
though those over-fried bitter gourds had me second guessing.

~Christine~Leng said...

i am beginning to love banana leaf rice. Was not a huge fan last time but the love for it now is empowering... hehe
will keep an eye on this one :)

Ciki said...

longtime no eat here!

backStreetGluttons said...

We used to rate this place as No 1 for BLR in KL/PJ years ago. Far superior to Lotus or Raju , for its mango/petai/dried chili sambal etc ! and the biting gingered gravy

Maybe its time to go back , hopefully we can still rate it high

Kenny Mah said...

Been here but the once. Food was decent oh but lacklustre service? Count me out for the sequel of a visit! :P