Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Local aka Hock Hin, SS19

The more generous locals I eat with, the more familiar I become with the hidden nooks and foreign suburbs in the Klang Valley. Subang is one area of this gradual induction.

One work evening, a new eating companion gently held my hand as I ventured into this area, which holds its own in the BKT league and its many good eats to cater for its thriving population.

Hock Hin, said companion's family favourite dai chow in SS19 was to be this evening's introduction to Subang.

The Claypot pork with salted fish was lovely, spicy and hit the sodium notes perfectly. Or not so perfect for me perhaps, since I had chosen to abstain from rice this evening. Still, I dug in with nary a care.

Nothing shouted "Welcome to Subang!" like the glazed, hypnotic goodness of these Marmite chicken drumsticks! I polished about three of these darlings with much relish!

Equally gratifying were the plentiful sticks of chicken satay from lone kakak operating the stall in the same kopitiam.

To square off all that pork & poultry, a simple dish of stir-fried French beans with garlic. These crunchy greens are so easy to eat - even though it was a touch more grease than required for a vegetable dish, it was hard to keep away.

Hock Hin is situated on Jalan SS19/6. They have another air-conditioned shoplot a few doors down from the open-air coffee shop, for those who wilt in tropical evening weather.

Subang, I'll be coming back for more!


J said...

So nice to have a "local guide" to show you the yummy restaurants of Subang.
(I, for one, am completely lost in that area! Haha...)
(Oh, the chicken looks good...)

Rebecca Saw said...

I agree! Subang has loads of treasures to unearth!
Myself has a few listed..fried laksa, ulu yam mee, dancin fried rice, etc

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

havent touched subang after my years at college..looks likes it just might b worth going back there..

beetrice said...

me wants that marmite chicken!! :D

sc said...

i used to stay at subang for a few years when i was studying there.. this shop looks vaguely familiar actually :). the chicken boxing marmite style got my attention!

Sean said...

air-conditioning! music to my ears!
yeah, one could live in subang and never run out of eateries to check out! that satay looks worth trying ... meaty and charred just right!

iamthewitch said...

Hey babe! Nice meeting you that day! And great blog to read! :)

J2Kfm said...

subang i realized, there are quite an impressive number of eateries.
esp those bkt outlets, chinese dai chows, etc.

worldwindows said...

My son grew up on quite some 'tai chow' and so are many others! It its not good fussy parents will not be there. I have my favourites in and around my residence!

minchow said...

J, yes, these local guides are a godsend!! So, which locality can you guide me around?? :-P

The Nomad Gourmand, I heard about that Fried Laksa too!! Sounds awesome! Eh, but what's dancing fried rice??

Joe, since college?? Assuming you're no young chicken, it's definitely time for a revisit!

Beetrice, ohh yes, me too!! I love how it's in that yummy drumstick shape!

SC, I think it's quite a firm local favourite. Won't be surprised if this used to be one of yours!

minchow said...

Sean, haha, actually it's quite cooling outside too. Esp with the weather pissing buckets these days!

Iamthewitch, yes, great to meet you too! Am finding out tons fr your blog, adding it to my blogroll! :-)

J2Kfm, yes I've stayed away for far too long! Am going to maximise this local guide I've just identified!

Worldwindows, yup, daichows are the quintessential legacy from one generation to the next!

Wilson Ng said...

Interesting, hope to meet u soon.

Julian Si said...

I havent had Marmmmmmmmmite chicken since I got to Abu Dhabi four months ago ... booo hoo ... need to get my fix this December :-)

Ciki said...

Im totally hypnotized by the glaze! Missd u at halloween!

Paranoid Android said...

Was anticipating your presence at the ghoul infested Halloween thingy. Hmmm... Dai Chows in Subang? I can't even get out of Subang Jaya without a GPS! Hence, my preoccupation with eateries right in the centre of town.

iamthewitch said...

Added your link too! :)

minchow said...

Rachel, hope our paths cross again soon! :-)

Julian Si, I'm surprised you didn't pack some good ol Marmite together with them luncheon meat to tide you over till yr next visit back!

Ciki, yes am very sulky about having missed out on all the debauchery that night! I WILL make up for it! :-P

PA, I really did think I was going to make it over before midnight but hadn't anticipated getting wasted before then :-( Oh well, next time, next time...

Iamthewitch, cheers! To more eating exchanges!

backStreetGluttons said...

Those look heavily sauced & tasty , in the densely crowded place of the so sos !
lol !