Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grease is Goose, Wei Kee, Pudu

Fresh from a surprisingly agreeable visit to Aquaria KLCC in spite of the weekend family mob, we wrapped up VIP Ollie's inaugural visit to Kuala Lumpur with a visit to Pudu for its distinct brand of roasted meat.

Come back anytime, ya hear?

Dad had been singing praises of Wei Kee for the longest time, having been inducted to the fatty roasted goose a few years ago by KL rellies who admittedly have a better nose for the type of cuisine that excited him.

An Ode to Adipose - the roasted goose commanded respect with its off-kilter fat content. Not the kinda stuff that would make me jizz my pants but Dad was delighted, albeit only momentarily, before his conscience settled in.

The roasted duck was leaner, and went down better with the lot of us.

Duck parts I didn't, couldn't touch but Dad and Fat Tulip lapped these up, and then some.

This Kiam Chai Boey I absolutely adored. Possibly the best use of leftover duck. Could've had a meal of rice and this alone.

We attempted to neutralise all that fat with a simple steamed tofu dish. Made Ollie very happy.

Wei Kee makes no apologies for its lacklustre roasted pork offerings. Goose is the business!

Come for the goose, beware the grease guilt trap!

Restoran Wei Kee
50, Lorong Yap Hin
Off Jalan Pasar


Sean said...

y'know, i can never figure out the difference between goose and duck, in terms of how they taste. but if goose typically contains more fat, then that's the one i want!
the tyke is quite adorable, with those innocent-looking eyes to which nobody could possibly say no. even a curmudgeon like me who abhors children would be swayed! :D

Paranoid Android said...

Greasey Greasy Gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Uptown and downtown
In Wai Kee's Greasy Chamber...

Drats. I must go there soon and fill myself up with duck and goose and grease.

Leo Sigh said...

That looks amazing.

I still haven't been to Aquaria KLCC, must get there on my next visit. I've heard it's great and Suria KLCC is one of my favorite places in KL :)

Julian Si said...

WOW! That choy kuek (Preserved veges + leftover duck) looks divine, I agree :-)

Slurrrppsss ... from Abu Dhabi!

Julian Si said...

WOW! That choy kuek (Preserved veges + leftover duck) looks divine, I agree :-)

Slurrrppsss ... from Abu Dhabi!

Kenny Mah said...

Great greasy goosey business! :P

minchow said...

Sean, yeah I tend to agree but this particular goose is pure adipose! And yes that lil tyke does inspire all sorts of crazy notion of parenting... yikes!!

PA, you're in the area every weekend no? Check out Chen Chen too, on the same row. Apparently pulls in bigger crowds then Wei Kee these days.

Leo Sigh, thanks for dropping by! I wouldn't have dreamt of going anywhere near Aquaria had it not been for the visit of the lil VIP. But yes, worth a gander, totally!

Julian, choy kuek? What dialect would that be in? Only known it as Kiam Chai Boey in Hokkien and Shuin Choy in Canto!

LFB, a honking business that's for sure! I still can't get over the fact that geese honk!

qwazymonkey said...

One word: Indulgent!

boo_licious said...

Awww, I so want to pinch Ollie's cheeks as he's so adorable.

Thxs for the tip on Chin Chin, must give that a try since I often find the roast goose here to be so-so only.

Ciki said...

i find the goose here yummie, but the price and also the FAT does not justify coming here to often! BROKE and ILL with high cholesterol! haha

UnkaLeong said...

Goosey Gander never looked so good!

minchow said...

Qwazymonkey, I like my indulgence a little less obvious! :-P

Boo, yes, do try and let me know how it measures up. Dad was well set on Wei Kee that day, even though it was relatively empty next to Chen Chen.

Ciki, broke and ill - but that's the kinda self-loathing exercise we put ourselves through repeatedly! See, if we worried about cholesterol, we'd probably spend a lot less too!

Unkaleong, you really think so? I had a better picture in my head of the classic "siu ngor" before the plate of FAT arrived!

Big Boys Oven said...

hmmm seen reading about your goose, I think I must start for a roast goose hunt !lol! :)

J2Kfm said...

Yup, I myself could not differentiate goose from duck either. From the roast goose meal at Chen Chen a few doors away.
But the price sure was an eye opener. :)