Monday, September 27, 2010

The Wings Beneath My Wind

The latest wind from Japan brought not only dear Ollie to the shores of northern Malaysia, but also some very tasty chicken wings, a.k.a. Tebasaki deep fried chicken wings, specialty of Nagoya.

We're no fans of frozen, pre-cooked food but hang on, no one does frozen food like the Japs.

Our little family reunion, starring Ollie and his happy dance gets a boost from frozen wings that Mag had thoughtfully carted back in her luggage. Off into a boiling vat of oil they go!

The already-seasoned juicy wings get Mama Chow's loving treatment with the soy, sake, sugar and mirin mix that comes in the package.

There is nothing quite like chomping these juicy babies down while playing hide-and-seek with Ollie and wondering if being childless is what life's programme is about.

Pick some up at the frozen food section of your local supermarket the next time you're in Japan!


Reanaclaire said...

wow..looks good.. now im hungry.. :)

a strange person said...

Chaloobie patoobo! :p Sobodobodobo. Chanono bazoodie.


a strange person

Sean said...

the dilemma of procreation ... i was just having this conversation 12 hours ago about what name i'd give my child, if i ever had one :D

Kenny Mah said...

Can't wait to be in Japan again... to pick this up and more! :D

ck lam said...

Hope to see it in our supermarkets...any chance in Jusco? haha.

PureGlutton said...

LFB: Can u pls pick 1 extra packet for me too, when u r next in the Land of the Rising Sun? :P

minchow said...

Reanaclaire, me too!! We only had 10 wings to go around and they were gone in 60 seconds!

A strange person, bazoodie? Goodie!!

Sean, hahaha, yes that is my favourite part of the conversation as well - what I'd name him/her. Everything else requires me to be rational and adult-like :-S

LFB, when are you going to Japan again? I've resolved no more travelling this year coz of the new home, but dayum those Air Asia X tickets to Tokyo are hard to resist!

CK Lam, I may go ask my local Jap grocer and see if they could bring this in. They are really out of this world!

Ciki said...

no one does frozen anything, like the JAPS.. agree! LOL

Ciki said...


minchow said...

Ciki, it's time to EATTTT! And it won't be frozen! Come on, your pick!

UnkaLeong said...

And all we got after a bunch of colleagues visited Japan recently was Mochi. All right, standing instruction for who ever is visiting Japan. Unkaleong wans some chickie wings ;)

Any Idiot Can said...

Yep, Japanese frozen food is unlike anything else. It actually has taste :)

Steven Goh said...

these wings are not in Malaysia loh... not sure when will have in Jusco?

阿葉 said...

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